Earth Wool Fire

Things made from clay and paint and from wool. Handmade creative work for sale and to order by Alan RT Smith (artist and ceramic artist) and Tina Smith (yarn addict).


Earth Wool & Fire is a collaboration between pottery, knitting and crocheting.

Hand made and crafted items by a Potter and a Knitter for people who love to knit, crochet and create generally.

The pottery is thrown on the wheel using white earthenware clay and carved or modelled in a unique style before being coloured in a beautiful array of attractive glazes.

All items are fired twice and Earth Wool & Fire pride themselves in making things to a high standard.

All items are unique one offs and although orders are taken no two items are exactly the same.

Orders usually have a three week turnaround and pottery is made for all occasions throughout the year.

All Earth Wool & Fire pottery has a dragonfly mark of authenticity symbolising aesthetic beauty, harmony and balance which they continuously try to aspire to in their work.


“We have over seventy years of experience between us creating hand made pottery and knitted and crocheted items.

We recently decided to work together to create a new range of things that we believe others would love to own and use whilst they are working on their own creations.

We currently make all sorts of Yarn Bowls, Knitting Needle Vases, Crochet Hook Holders, Brooches and Buttons.

We also make a few useful items for Artists such as Paintbrush Holders, Pen and Pencil Holders and Palette Bowls.

Our pottery combines utilitarian functionality with quirky ornate decoration and design.

We are exploring ideas for new and useful product items all the time and welcome ideas from anyone who needs an item that will make creating that bit easier for them.

We are very excited about what we make and hope that others feel the same way too”


Alan and Tina Smith. Earth Wool & Fire. June 2013.

Contact via email or telephone 07891 403796

Alan on the wheel